Privacy Policy


We take your privacy serious and assure that data processing and handling is accomplished in compliance with EU-GDPR and the Telecommunications Act (TCA). We declare to use your data exclusively for internal business requirements and do not pass it to third parties without your explicit agreement.


You have the right to obtain detailed information about your stored data, its origin, its recipients, and the purpose of its collection at no charge. Furthermore you have the right to request that your data or parts of it be corrected, blocked or deleted. If you have any questions or complaints, please directly contact us per mail, phone or any other available medium presented in our About rubric. We will react accordingly to your concern.


We are one of the few websites that do not integrate any tracking or analysis tools. We believe in the principle of simplicity and therefore use this platform just for the purpose of presenting our offered portfolio of products and services to you. Please notice that we can not influence the way external entities, like search engines for example, deal with your data.


If you get in contact with us, you agree that we store your contact information internally to serve you as one of our customers.


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