CreyNox is an emerging organisation of people, processes and technologies focusing on creation of uncompromising solutions for ambitious real-world problems. Our approach is based on a highly integrative combination of different disciplines and thinking in various dimensions. From these perspectives we shape available technologies to beneficial products.

Our design disciplines and dimensions of thinking!

Most products with advanced complexity are programs or contain software as a major aspect of their behavior. Although we are specialized in certain areas of software development we are proud of our wide spectrum in this important discipline that includes among others Embedded Systems & MCU Engineering, Desktop Applications, Web Programming & Internet Computing, App Development, etc.

We are active in industrial electronics & hardware engineering for decades and successfully realized numerous products in diversified fields of application. Next to others we are especially experienced in Embedded Systems & MCU Design, Analog & Digital Audio Technology, Radio, Industrial Periphery & Control, Bus Communication, etc. We are also familiar with regulations enforced by European Community Law (EMCD, LVD, RoHS, REACH, RED...) and how to apply these to electronic products.

Most physical products necessitate protection or sealing from environmental influences. We provide know-how for conceptualizing and designing cases, subracks and other mechanical components to form a completely matched product ready for use in the field.

Usually products are assembled from subcomponents. Achieving high quality products and minimum wastage relies next to good fabricable design also on well coordinated, reliable and monitored manufacturing processes. In our daily business we have a tight relationship to this topic and therefore unite an enormous amount of knowledge about nearly all aspects surrounding it.

A products environment is of critical concern for successful product designs and must be examined carefully to identify all relevant aspects. Our excitement about physics comes in handy here.

Although aesthetics can be crucial for success, the purpose of a product should dominate design considerations. Thinking in the way a product is used and the intentions behind, usually concentrates efforts to correct directions. Nevertheless we pay remarkable attention to the products appearance.

We believe in our abilities, skills and competences but adapt to special requirements and experiences of our customers. Our flexible nature facilitate successful product designs with highly customized properties and characteristics for the most detailed and difficult circumstances.

Since products get more and more complex, interdependent and connected, also the involved development parties must apply related approaches that suit these circumstances. Effective cooperation among all entities surrounding product creation is crucial for success.


Our industry- and practice-proven team is cherry-picked from diversified scientific fields of interest and qualifications. We exploit the power of collaboration between different characters, educational paths and generations. Our most preeminent attribute is enthusiasm for all the small details that live in problems.


Designs through various disciplines perfectly fitting together. This credo forms the best results.


Complex processes and interdependent tasks necessitate effective plans to succeed.


Inefficiency is one of the major cost drivers. Effectivity is the recipe to be competitive.

Fast & Reliable

Time is one of the most valuable resource. So keep to the principle of doing things right the first time.


Environments can be harsh and dangerous. Identify and tackle vulnerabilities from multiple perspectives.


Nothing endures except change. Important is to manage change not to prevent it.

You have an amazing product in mind? Let's bring it to life!

We assist in manifold situations with know-how, expertise and patience for your specific venture.

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